We all have a story. Here’s mine.

As a child, I sat on a wooden porch swing in summer, listening to my relatives weave stories of the day, the weather, local politics, and news from oceans away. I felt a longing to tell the world’s stories, so I became a writer. I felt a pull to see the world, so I became a journalist. I felt a longing to support that world, so I joined a humanitarian organization.  I wanted to connect the world and its stories, to link people needing help to those who could help them, so I began this business.

Decades from that porch swing, I’m still telling people’s stories, connecting neighbors from one continent to the next.  I’ve expanded my communication talent to become a speaker, global change advocate, and creative catalyst. I do all this with a range of experience that still reflects these early values and interests.

What’s your story?

How will your story unfold and bloom?

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B.A., cum laude, English, HOLLINS UNIVERSITY.

Graduate degree in Publications Management, cum laude, GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY.

Certified by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY in photographic skills.

Fluent in French. Knowledge of Spanish.

Versed in print, electronic, and social media.

There are two ways of spreading light—to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

–Edith Wharton

If you’d like a more formal introduction…

I am a communication management executive who specializes in humanitarian issues.  I began my career as a journalist, first with local media, then with the National Geographic Society and Kiplinger Publications. After earning an advanced degree in publications management from George Washington University, I worked with the Red Cross locally, nationally, and internationally.

In 2000, I formed my own company, Ramsperger Communications, focusing on global relief and development, multicultural communication, strategic vision for non-profits, and women’s and children’s issues. I have lived and worked in Europe and Africa and have a special interest in the Middle East. As a change agent, one of my greatest strengths lies in providing practical and intuitive assistance to people and organizations locked in seemingly Catch 22 situations. I use my empathy and insight to guide parties to find common ground.

A published poet and author, I am a winner of the Hollins University Fiction Prize. My most recent contributions to the American Red Cross 2010 annual report led to the organization receiving  two Gold Hermes Creative Awards, administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.


I’ve given a voice to the homeless, people with AIDS, patients searching for a blood or bone marrow donor, neighborhoods ravaged by disaster, refugees fleeing poverty and civil strife, and victims of war. I’ve connected them with those who helped them get back on their feet through:



Strategic Planning

Project Evaluation

Training and Facilitation

Media Integration (print, electronic,                 social)

Creating or Enhancing Brand

Marketing and Fundraising                           Campaigns

Creating and Matching Messages             to Target                               Audiences



Allow me to help you meet your mission, portray a consistent, compelling image, and advance your cause.

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